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Table 4 Material properties of UHPC.

From: Experimental Investigation on Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Ultra High Performance Concrete Low-Profile T-Beams

NameFiber typeCompression testFlexure testft (MPa)
(Length × diameter) shapefc (MPa)Ec (GPa)fLOP (MPa)fMOR (MPa)
S65(13 × 0.20 mm) straight131.644.
S81(13 × 0.16 mm) straight126.
S83(10 × 0.12 mm) straight129.645.313.025.88.02
H65(13 × 0.20 mm) hooked139.
  1. fc= compressive strength; Ec= elastic modulus [\( 3836.3\sqrt {f_{c} } \) (MPa) (Graybeal 2006a)]; fLOP= limit of proportionality in Fig. 7; fMOR= flexural strength in Fig. 7; ft= direct tensile strength [ft= 0.668fLOP (NF P 18-470 2016a)].