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Table 1 FORTA fibers technical data (UN: Ultra-Net, SN: Super-Net, EN: Econo-Net, NM: Nylo-Mono, FF: Ferro)

From: Enhancing the Performance of Knee Beam–Column Joint Using Hybrid Fibers Reinforced Concrete

Type Length (mm) Form Bonding Power Class Material Tensile Strength (MPa)
UN 54 Fibrillated Twisted Bundle Extra heavy-duty Micro Polypropylenea and Additives 570–660
SN 38 Fibrillated Heavy-duty 570–660
EN 38 Fibrillated Medium-duty 570–660
NM 19 Monofilament Light-duty Virgin Nylon 966
FF1 38 Fibrillated Twisted Bundle Heavy-duty Macro Polyethylene, Polypropyleneaand Additives 1100
FF2 54 Heavy-duty 570–660