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Table 2 Details of testing procedures

From: Flexural Capacity Prediction Model For Steel Fibre-Reinforced Concrete Beams

  Compressive test Four-point bending test Cross-sectional SF area analysis
Standards AS1012.9:2004 ASTM E72 – 15 N/A
Apparatus Used Tecnotest KE300/CE Nstron 5569A and MTS Exceed E45 Diamond Cutter/ High resolution Digital Camera
Loading Rate N/A 0.5 mm/min (0% SF) and 0.75 mm/min (with SF) N/A
Sample Tested Cylinder Beam Beam
No. Sample Tested 24 12 2
Data obtained Compressive strength Flexural Strength and force–displacement Curve 6 cross sections SF distribution profile on cross sections