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Table 12 Models for prediction of compressive strength after confinement.

From: The Effect of Rebar Embedment and CFRP Confinement on the Compressive Strength of Low-Strength Concrete

Model Compressive strength after confinement (MPa)
ACI 440-2R (ACI440.2R-08, 2008) f′cc = f'co + 3.3Ψ кa ft
ft = \(\frac{2 Ef n tf \varepsilon fe}{D}\)
εfe = кε εfu
Lam and Teng (Pham & Hadi, 2014b) \(\frac{f^{\prime}cc}{{f^{\prime}co}} = 1 + 3.3 \frac{fl}{{f^{\prime}co}}\)
\(fl = \frac{{2 E{\text{f}} \varepsilon fe t}}{D}\)
Ali fallahpour et al. (Wu & Zhou, 2010) f′cc = f′co + k1klεfu
k1 = 2.5- 0.01f′co
\(k_{1} = \frac{2 Ef tf}{D}\)
Richart et al. (Pour et al., 2018) f′cc = f′co + k1fr
fr = \(\frac{2fj tj}{D}\)