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Table 1 Parameter setting.

From: A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization with Dragonfly for Adaptive ANFIS to Model the Corrosion Rate in Concrete Structures

Methods Parameters Values
GA, IGA Mutation rate 0.33
Crossover rate 0.67
PSO, HPSO, PSODA Inertia weight 2
Best global experience 2.2
Best personal experience 2.4
w-damp 0.98
Bat Minimal and maximal values of the acoustic frequency (\([F_{\max } ,F_{\min } ]\)) [1,− 1]
Pulse intensity attenuation coefficient (\(\gamma\)) 0.95
Pulse frequency increase factor (\(\delta\)) 0.05
Maximum pulse frequency (\(R^{0}\)) 0.75
Maximum pulse loudness (A) 0.25
BBO Habitat modification probability 1
Immigration probability limits [0,1]
Step size 1
Max immigration (I) and Max emigration (E) 1
Mutation probability 0.005