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Table 3 Average and standard deviation objective function values obtained by different methods.

From: A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization with Dragonfly for Adaptive ANFIS to Model the Corrosion Rate in Concrete Structures

Test functions F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
GA 4.19E−07 2.11E−07 2.96E−04 4.68E−05 2.91E−10 3.31E−10 4.73E−07 5.16E−07 6.18E−02 5.81E−02
PSO 1.88E−08 4.11E−08 3.71E−06 1.88E−06 3.85E−12 4.15E−13 5.13E−10 2.19E−11 4.89E−02 2.69E−03
IGA 3.17E−07 1.06E−08 2.11E−04 4.33E−04 1.63E−08 3.28E−09 1.59E−08 4.49E−08 7.50E−03 1.18E−04
MGA 1.08E−10 3.27E−10 4.13E−10 2.18E−11 5.22E−18 1.87E−18 4.28E13 2.05E−14 7.11E−03 4.10E−04
PSODA 2.12E14 1.90E−15 5.08E15 3.44E−15 7.18E21 5.36E−22 3.38E−12 4.19E−13 5.27E−03 5.76E−03
HPSO 4.26E−05 4.39E−05 5.28E−04 6.18E−04 5.39E−05 2.17E−05 2.88E−05 7.23E−05 5.29E−02 2.14E−02
Bat 3.15E−04 7.29E−04 1.43E−03 5.32E−04 3.14E−03 3.12E−03 3.95E−04 6.29E−04 8.66E−02 1.03E−02
BBO 4.26E−10 1.93E−10 4.55E−08 1.17E−08 5.07E−15 4.89E−15 8.45E−10 5.61E−10 4.76E03 3.37E−03
Test functions F6 F7 F8 F9 F10
GA 2.62E−13 3.07E−13 1.4348 3.22E−01 0.0003 3.21E−06 − 1.0317 3.29E−09 3.0018 4.11E−02
PSO 6.02E−14 2.40E−15 1.4902 2.69E−01 0.0003 1.09E−13 − 1.0318 4.86E−21 3.0000 6.30E−07
IGA 6.25E−14 4.84E−14 1.2075 1.39E−01 0.0003 2.19E−08 − 1.0316 1.09E−04 3.0015 5.38E−03
MGA 0 0 9.9E−01 3.23E−08 0.0003 6.38E−19 − 1.0317 2.18E−07 3.0000 5.03E−20
PSODA 0 0 9.9E−01 3.18E−10 0.0003 4.11E−11 − 1.0316 6.37E−18 3.0000 2.68E−10
HPSO 3.27E−10 1.92E−10 1.5724 5.50E−01 0.0006 2.25E−05 − 1.0318 5.03E−10 3.1000 1.003
Bat 4.18E−12 3.23E−12 1.8349 3.89E−01 0.0076 1.94E−06 − 1.0318 4.89E−07 3.1024 5.25E−01
BBO 0 0 9.81E−01 4.28E−06 0.0003 3.29E−04 − 1.0316 9.23E−01 3.0958 1.0183
  1. Bold values in the table are related to the maximum or minimum of the obtained results