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Effective punching shear and moment capacity of flat plate-column connection with shear reinforcements for lateral loading


In this study, three isolated interior flat slab-column connections that include three types of shear reinforcement details; stirrup, shear stud and shear band were tested under reversed cyclic lateral loading to observe the capacity of slab-column connections. These reinforced joints are 2/3 scale miniatures designed to have identical punching capacities. These experiments showed that the flexural failure mode appears in most specimens while the maximum unbalanced moment and energy absorbing capacity increases effectively, with the exception of an unreinforced standard specimen. Finally, the results of the experiments, as wel l as those of experiments previously carried out by researchers, are applied to the eccentricity shear stress model presented in ACI 318-08. The failure mode is therefore defined in this study by considering the upper limits for punching shear and unbalanced momen t. In addition, an intensity factor is proposed for effective widths of slabs that carry an unbalanced moment delivered by bending.


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