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Featured Article: Experimental Verification of Modal Identification of a High-rise Building Using Independent Component Analysis

Jan 24Independent component analysis is one of the linear transformation methods based the techniques for separating blind sources from the output signals of the system. Recently, the method has been analytically applied to the identification of mode shapes and modal responses from the output signal of structures. This study aims to experimentally validate the blind source separation using ICA method and propose a novel method for identification of the modal parameters from the decomposed modal responses. 

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  1. Authors: Yuliia Khmurovska, Petr Štemberk, Svyatoslav Sikorin, Jiří Němeček, Daria Jóźwiak-Niedźwiedzka, Magdaléna Doleželová, Yuliya Kaladkevich, Eryk Pavalanski and Viktar Fatseyeu

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Innovative Technologies of Structural System, Vibration Control, and Construction for Concrete High-rise Buildings
International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials 
Edited by: Lan Chung, Kyeong-In Kang, Chee-Kyeong Kim, and Ta-Peng Chang, Sang-Hyun Lee, Hun-Hee Cho, Tae-Won Park, Soon-Wuk Kwon, Tae-Sung Eom, and Tae-Hoon Kim
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Durability Design, Monitoring and Rehabilitation
International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials 
Edited by: Han-Seung Lee, Xiao-Yong Wang, Velu Saraswathy, Mohammed A. Ismail, Seung-Jun Kwon
Published 21 February 2018

Aims and scope

The International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials (IJCSM) provides a forum targeted for engineers and scientists around the globe to present and discuss various topics related to concrete, concrete structures and other applied materials incorporating cement cementitious binder, and polymer or fiber in conjunction with concrete. These forums give participants an opportunity to contribute their knowledge for the advancement of society. Topics include, but are not limited to, research results on

  • Properties and performance of concrete and concrete structures
  • Advanced and improved experimental techniques
  • Latest modelling methods
  • Possible improvement and enhancement of concrete properties
  • Structural and microstructural characterization
  • Concrete applications
  • Fiber reinforced concrete technology
  • Concrete waste management

IJCSM also publishes review articles, as well as short communications and discussions.

IJCSM is currently published under the auspice of the Korea Concrete Institute. In addition, scholars from over 17 countries have contributed as editorial staff and judges for IJCSM, helping the world's top scholars to publish their best research papers.

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