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Table 1 Model parameters used in the column compression and beam bending simulations when \(\epsilon _{u}^{c}\) depends on the hydrostatic stress.

From: Modelling of Stirrup Confinement Effects in RC Layered Beam Finite Elements Using a 3D Yield Criterion and Transversal Equilibrium Constraints

E\(^s\) (GPa) \(\sigma _{0}^{s}\) (MPa) K (MPa) m \(\epsilon _{u}^{s}\) \(\Theta _y\) \(\Theta _z\) \(\Phi _z\) (m)
200 469 250 0.1 0.14 0.00899 0.00899 0.00498
E\(^c\) (GPa) \(\sigma _{0}^{c}\) (MPa) \(\alpha \) (1/MPa) \(\beta \) \(h_c\) \(\epsilon _{u\,0}^c\) k n
27 32 0.0962 12.7435 − 5 0.0035 0.00062 0.4
  1. For the column compression, some simulations with constant concrete ultimate strain were performed with \(\epsilon _{u}^{c}=0.0053\).