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Table 1 Design parameters of PSC belt wall specimens.

From: Behavior and Design of Distributed Belt Walls as Virtual Outriggers for Concrete High-Rise Buildings

Specimen Effective prestress fpe f pe,max a Reinforcement ratio ρp (%) ρp,max (%)b
PT23V 0.315fpu 0.338fpu 0.2 1.22
PT26V 0.629fpu 0.338fpu 0.2 1.22
PT43V 0.315fpu 0.623fpu 0.4 1.22
PT46V 0.629fpu 0.623fpu 0.4 1.22
  1. afpe,max is taken as [fpy − fct/ρp] from Eq. (11).
  2. bρp,max is taken as 0.51fc/fpy from Eq. (12).