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Table 1 Boundary conditions for Edges 1, 2, 3 and 4.

From: A Computational Model for Prestressed Concrete Hollow-Core Slab Under Natural Fire

  Edge 1 Edge 2 Edge 3 Edge 4
T: \(q_{T}=q_{T}\left( \text {Test 1, Test 2} \right)\) \(\frac{\partial T}{\partial n} = 0\) \(q_{T}=q_{T}\left( T_{\infty }=20^\circ \text{C} \right)\) \(q_{T}=q_{T}\left( T_{op} \right) ^{\text{a}}\)
\(P_G\): \(P_{G}=0.1\) MPa \(\frac{\partial P_{G}}{\partial n} = 0\) \(P_{G}=0.1\) \(P_{G}=0.1^{a}\)
\({\tilde{\rho }}_{V}\): \(q_{v}=q_{v}\left( {\tilde{\rho }}_{V,\infty }\right)\) \(\frac{\partial {\tilde{\rho }}_{V}}{\partial n} = 0\) \(q_{v}=q_{v}\left( {\tilde{\rho }}_{V,\infty }\right)\) \(q_{v}=q_{v}\left( {\tilde{\rho }}_{V,\infty }\right) ^{\text{a}}\)
  1. aBoundary conditions for case S1.