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Table 1 Geometrical and detail properties of element specimens.

From: Evaluation of Out-of-Plane Response of R/C Structural Wall Boundary Edges Detailed with Maximum Code-Prescribed Longitudinal Reinforcement Ratio

N/AName of specimenLength l (cm)Thickness b (cm)Height (cm)Longitudinal reinforcement (ratio)Transverse reinforcement (mm)s/dlNominal tensile strain (‰)
1C-0157.5764Ø12 (ρl = 4.02%)Ø4.2/332.750.00
2C-10157.5764Ø12 (ρl = 4.02%)Ø4.2/332.7510.00
3C-20157.5764Ø12 (ρl = 4.02%)Ø4.2/332.7520.00
4C-30157.5764Ø12 (ρl = 4.02%)Ø4.2/332.7530.00
5C-50157.5764Ø12 (ρl = 4.02%)Ø4.2/332.7550.00
  1. ρl is the longitudinal reinforcement ratio: ρl = Al/(b × l), s is the space between transverse ties, dl is the diameter of longitudinal reinforcement.