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Table 1 Numerical simulation parameters.

From: Numerical and Empirical Models for Service Life Assessment of RC Structures in Marine Environment

Symbol Parameter value Mean
\(U_{c}\) 44.6 [K J/mol] The activation energy for chloride diffusion
\(t_{{{\text{ref}}}}\) 28 [d] Reference time of chloride ingress
\(R\) 8.314 [J/K mol] The gas constant
\(h_{c}\) 0.75 [–] The critical humidity
h 1 Humidity
\(D_{p}\) \(1.07 \times 10^{ - 10}\) [m2/s] The diffusion coefficient of chloride in water
m 0.2 The time decay index of chloride diffusion
\(\rho_{s}\) 7500 [kg/m3] The density of the rebar
Tref 293 [K] Reference temperature
\(\delta_{1}\) 12.5 µm The depth of rust generated by filling the pores
\(r_{0}\) 8–13 mm The reinforcement radius
\(E_{c}\) 30 [GPa] Elastic modulus of concrete
\(f_{t}\) 1.43 [MPa] Tensile strength of concrete
\(v_{c}\) 0.2 The Poisson’s ratio of the concrete
c 40–70 mm Thickness of reinforced concrete cover
w/c 0.45, 0.55, 0.65 The water-to-cement ratio